Nestled in the beautiful and quaint seaside village of Magnolia, Still Tides Massage & Spa is a unique and tranquil place whose idyllic setting is a natural extension of the powerful and natural healing that the practice represents.

Still Tides is a place to find a true sense of rest and renewal. The focus is on providing the most complete therapeutic experience through infusing each session and treatment with a sense of deep relaxation. At Still Tides, one can find a place to feel true contentment. Dedicate this time for yourself, create a moment to realign, refocus, and discover your true self.

Jillian Blaisdell

Licensed Massage Therapist

Founder of Still Tides Massage & Spa • 978-325-1120

Jillian has been a licensed massage therapist since graduating from the Polarity Realization Institute in 2000. Her focus is on therapeutic massage. Jillian uses her abilities and knowledge to provide a deeply relaxing and effective therapeutic treatment. The person’s overall experience is extremely important in order to draw the greatest restorative benefit and an overall feeling of renewal and completeness. Jillian strives to provide exceptional service through maximizing her ability to listen and to ensure that a client’s needs are met. Her intention is for each client to always leave feeling a sense of deep calm, a feeling of balance, and a feeling of being restored and whole. Jillian has worked in different settings over the years as a massage therapist and through all of her different experiences she has become more aware and perceptive of the importance of massage therapy and what it means to her as well as her clients. Being a massage therapist is an extension of who she is as a whole, and has given her meaning and value. She is dedicated to maintaining a high level of professionalism and holds a high standard and focus. The deep care and awareness that she carries is extremely important in creating and maintaining strong client relationships as well as an environment where her clients feel comfort, trust, and care. Jillian continues to have a true sense of gratitude for what it is that she provides.

Elisabet Kanegis

Elisabet is currently studying to become a Licensed Esthetician at Spa Tech and will be ready to use her skills at the beginning of the new year. She is very excited about starting this new chapter in her life. Although her passion does not lie with massage, she does follow closely in her mother’s footsteps. As Jillian’s daughter she has seen her mother grow in her own career as a therapist and has known the great joy it has given her. Elisabet shares a desire to be in and create an environment that brings a feeling of serenity, comfort and balance. With her natural ability to bring happiness and ease to all she meets this is truly a course that she is meant to take. She fully appreciates the importance of providing a service that while nurturing the person’s outside is concurrent in bringing a sense of nurture to one’s inward self as well. Although Elisabet is not yet practicing Esthetics at Still Tides Massage & Spa she assists Jillian with some of the services offered such as foot soaks and sauna, as well as many other duties. Elisabet is committed to sharing and supporting Jillian’s ideals and aspiration in maintaining a space where all feel welcome and content.

Jillian and Elisabet hold a very special bond, as mother and daughter they share a very similar nature and are dedicated to providing exceptional service and care.